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Institute of kidney Diseases Peshawar

Phase IV Hayatabad Peshawar

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    UROCON 2017

Dr. Nasir Orakzai Urologist


Director Message

Institute of kidney diseases is an esteemed establishment founded in 2007 to comprehend the seminary foundation ideology of IKD, 'practice of care'. IKD is a conservatoire for raising standards responsible for health of national populaces and to train the future breed of urologists to serve the under privileged and rural community of the country. IKD was founded freshly to develop a pasture of systematic and specialized medical guardianship and it is the only center in KP that provides the best urological, nephrological & renal transplantation facilities proficient in maladies explicitly narrated to kidneys. The Institute is envisaging by munificent importance to patient's care & academics respectively.

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Our Services

Emergency Services

The Emergency at IKD is working since the start of the institute. It is 24 hour services. There are both urologist and nephrologists working here. We provide free  emergency drugs to all ...

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Dialysis Services

The Institute of Kidney Diseases Peshawar is equipped with latest 18 dialysis machines including with the segregation of dialysis machines for Hepatitis B and C.The kidneys are responsible for...

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Kidney Transplantation

IKD is a pioneer institution of introducing transplant technology in the KP. We developed the program in 2008 as a response to the dire and growing need of patients that could not afford ...

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Out Patient Clinics

The outpatient clinic at the IKD is designed to function as a multidisciplinary clinic where cases are jointly seen by a surgeon, physician, radiologist and dietitian.The following figure of U...

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Our Doctors

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