Dr. Malik Zeb Khan


I am serving as Professor and Head of Pathology Department iKD since 18/01/2008 and I have developed my Department from zero and now I have the following facilities at Depertment of Pathology.

1. Routine and Specialized Haematology.

2. Blood Banking.

3. Plasma Pheresil

4. Histo Pathology

5. Chemistry (Routine & Specialize) 

6. Microbiology (precell)

7. Andrology LabcProcon) 



S #

Title of Research Article




Serial Serum Ferritin levels for monitoring response to iron chelation therapy in patients of beta thalassaemia major “prospective cohort study” 2014

Khyber Journal of Medical Sciences (KGMS) Vol 7 No.2 2014

1st Principle Author


Coagulation profile in pre and post Hemodialysis patients of end stage renal diseases

Khyber Journal of Medical Sciences (KGMS) Vol 7 No.1 2014

1st Principal Author


Comparative study of FDPs and D-dimmers in patients with breast cancer

Ann. KEMC 2004: VOL 10 ISSUE 4

1st Principal Author


Coagulation Profile in Patients with breast cancer

Ann. KEMC 2005 Vol 11 issue 01

1st Principal Author


Fibrinogen degradation products and D-Dimmers in patients with breasts carcinoma

GJMS 2007 Vol 05 No.1

1st Principal Author


Prevalence of Intestinal Protozoan & Worms Infestation in Primary School going children of 5-10 years of age, in District Bannu

Ann. Pak.Inst.Med.Sci. 2012;8(4):243-248

5th Author


In vitro antimicrobial activity of guava leaves extract against important bacterial and fungal strain

International Journal of Biosciences (IJB) Vol.4, No.10, p.188-192, 2014

5th Author


Determination of serum Gonadotropin and testosterone levels in male infertility

JPMI Peshawar 2007 Vol 21 No.2

5th Author


Coagulation Abnormalities in Breast Cancer

M.Phil Thesis, 2004

1st Author


Guidelines for the Appropriate Clinical use of Blood

Islamabad 2013

Guideline Book for blood banking




Certificate of Workshop: on Educational Planning & Evaluation, Department of Medical Education & National Teacher Training Center CPSP Held from 21-24 Feb, 2011.

Certificate of Workshop: on Assessment of Competence, Department of Medical Education & National Teacher Training Center CPSP, Held from 17-20, October 2012. 

DCP Course: Clinical Pathology from 1st January to 31st December, 1998 at PGMI, HMC Peshawar, Pakistan

M.Phil course: Hematology, including Blood Banking and immune Hematology, Clinical Pathology, Clinical Chemistry. From 1st October to 31st September 2003, at PGMI Lahore.

Topic of Thesis’s work: Coagulation abnormalities and breast cancer.

Certificate of workshop: on clinical Hematology at Sheikh Zayed Medical Complex Lahore Pakistan in 9th National Conference on March 09 to11, 2007

Certificate of workshop: on safe Blood Transfusion at KMC Peshawar Pakistan on 29th Nov 2007

Certificate of workshop: on Thalassaemia t KMC Peshawar on April 21-23, 2006.

Certificate of workshop: Paediatric Hematology at CH & ICH Lahore on 27-28, 2002

Certificate of workshop: hormonal contraceptive Technology at Peshawar on 7th June, 1997.

Certificate of workshop: Infection Control at Peshawar on 29th June-20th December, 1998.

Certificate: of D.D.O Orientation workshop at PHDC Bannu from 16th to 17th June, 1997.

Conference at KMC Peshawar

Certificate of Seminar: on current TRENDS in the Management of Hematological Disorder at PGMI Lahore on 1st November, 2001.

Certificate of Seminar: Research Methodology on 19th March, 2002 at PGMI, Lahore.

Certificate of Attendance: for 25th Annual PAP conference at KEMC Lahore on 27th to 29th Dec,2001.

Certificate of Participation: 9th National Conference PSH March 09-11, 2007 at SZMC Lahore.

Certificate of Seminar: on Promotion of essential Drugs Concept, Good Prescribing Practice & Code of Ethics on 24th ov,2007 at PGMI LRH Peshawar.

Certificate of Seminar: Diarrhoeal Diseases update on Microbiology and Management on 2nd March,2002 at PGMI Lahore.

Certificate of Seminar: on Challenges in Bone Marrow Transplantation April 14th, 2007 at AFBMTC Rawalpindi Pakistan.

Certificate of attendance: 31st Annual PAP conference 30th Nov to 2nd Dec, 2007at KMC Peshawar.

Certificate of attendance: 11th Annual PSH conference Feb 14th to 15th, 2009 at KMC Peshawar.

Certificate of Attendance: National Pathology week by KMC & College of Pathologist Pakistan on 10th to 15th May, 2010 at KMC Peshawar.

Certificate of Participation: 4th Natinal PSH conference April 5th -7th 2002 at KMC Peshawar.

Certificate of Participation: on HIMS at DHDC Bannu Oct 6th -9th Oc 1996.

Certificate of Symposium: in 12th PGMI symposium on Pakistan chest society on Tobacco or Health on 23rd Feb, 2008.

Certificate of Recognition as life member PAP 2007.

Workshop on blood safety Guidelines 2011 at PICO Hayatabad Peshawar.

Workshop on educational Paining and Evaluation at CPSP Peshawar Feb 2011.

Certificate of paper presentation: Non overt DIC in patients with breast cancer on 14th – 15th Feb, 2009 in 11th annual conference of PSH at KMC Peshawar.

Certificate of Paper presentation: comparative study of FDPs & D-dimer in patients with breast cancer on 30th Nov to 2nd Dec 2007 in 31 annual PAP.